Selling Fruit to Verona for Four Generations

Selling Fruit to Verona for Four Generations

We have been passionately growing excellent top-quality fruit for over four generations. We are a mainly family run farm located in the lee of the morainic hills of Custoza, between Villafranca di Verona and Sommacampagna.

Our farm has 40 hectares planted with cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, doughnut peaches, plums and persimmons. All our crops are grown on well-aerated, medium-textured, generous, fertile soil.

With a keen eye out for new varieties and new farming methods, we strive to respect nature, working with the love and passion that have been our hallmark for 100 years now. Our goal has always been to produce only top-quality fruit, choosing the right time to harvest and identifying the best varieties.

We have been implementing our region's council-approved integrated pest management practices in our fields for years and, with the aid of a technician, we manage to minimize pesticide applications, achieving high-quality fruit.

Certified GLOBAL GAP since 2016, Frutta La Perla offers the market safe, traceable, quality products grown responsibly to protect both the environment and worker health.

All our fruit, picked early in the morning, is immediately sorted, brought into the storehouse and packed ready for sale.

A go-to supplier for anyone in and around Verona - and now online customers, too - looking for locally sourced quality fruit!